International Web Promotions

On Point, selects the best online media networks abroad, buys content of special interest channels on your behalf and targets users based on their geographical location and other special characteristics you may choose.

In particular we provide:  

  • Selection of the right online media networks for your campaigns.  
  • Purchasing of the inventry of special chanels of interests including the following niches: Travel, sports, business, Finance, Health, Communities, Technology and others.  
  • We buy banner impressions for your campaign from a variety of sites depending on your needs as well as contextual advertising programs for eg pay per click.  
  • We give you the ability to target your customers based on their geographical location, we select the countries or even cities on which the users that can view your add will be located.
  • We provide you with real time statistics and reports tailored to the user actions of your visitors that you wish to monitor ƒ „ ± „ ƒ „ ¬ reports.
  • Daily monitoring & optimization of your campaigns.